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 Opinions, please.

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PostSubject: Opinions, please.   Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:33 pm

So we're moving out to San Diego sometime in july, possible early August.

Here's what i want to do. I want to work from home. like legitimate work from home. I've heard from different people that I could Train for like a medical transcriptionist, or data entry, and that i can even train for it from home.
the reason i want to do this, is cause... i know me. when DH is out on deployment, i'm gonna need something to keep me busy. but i also know that when he gets back, i'm only gonna want to be home. and i don't like job hopping.
anyway, so what do you think? do i sound crazy?

Thanks ladies, you guys are awesome!!


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PostSubject: Re: Opinions, please.   Tue Jun 17, 2008 9:12 pm

You don't sound crazy at all =]

I was considering medical transcriptionist at one point but it seems difficult to find work. My aunt is a transcriptionist and she told me that before you're able to work from home you have to pay your dues, so to speak, by putting in time at medical offices and building contacts for home work. Pay is not that fantastic either- a lot of places that do the training will tell you otherwise though to get you to enroll.

I don't know much about data entry but I know it doesn't take any training. I just went to a staffing agency last week and I could have gotten a data entry position but my counselor swears I'd make a better secretary. Ho hum.

Anywho, all that novel aside I want to put one little thing out there- I always stay home when DH is gone and usually just go to school a couple hours a day. Even with that distraction I still go absolutely stir crazy- it's pretty lonely too. My advice would be don't wall your self off by staying home all the time. A job outside the house might be better for your sanity lol!
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Opinions, please.
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