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 Chat Tutorial

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PostSubject: Chat Tutorial   Wed Jun 18, 2008 2:39 pm

This should have all the information you need to work with the chat box/chat room we have set up. If we find it necessary, we may update this information as we learn more about it.
Thanks for all your patience, ladies. I know that all this can be frustrating! Wink

First off, We have set up a chat box in the portal. You DO NOT have to have a meebo account. However, if you want to add any media of any type you do need to have an account. You must post media through your account there.
Also, if you want to use the cutsey fonts, and colors, you must log in with a meebo account, and do your chatting from there. Only people, who are also logged into the Meebo account will see these fonts. They will not be visible from the chat box in the portal.

Secondly, if you are logged into a meebo account, and are also viewing the portal, it will log you in twice. once as a guest, and once as your meebo login. (Confusing, I know. Perhaps in the future we can find a way around this.) So as of right now, please try to avoid this. If not that is fine, it only happens as long as you have both windows open. But please be prepared for alot of guests. Family

Lastly, I'm still not sure on this one... but, as far as i can tell, in the portal, the nickname shows up as whoever the last person was to join in the chat. I'm not sure why yet. or if it is even still doing it. However, it should automatically ask you what you want your nickname to be. So please be sure to change it to what ever you want.

Ok, girls. That should cover it. If I left anything out, feel free to ask questions. And hopefully, this will more of a convenience that not.

Thank you all!


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Chat Tutorial
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