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 Any Va ladies want to play paintball??

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PostSubject: Any Va ladies want to play paintball??   Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:23 pm

Let me know ladies.. This is a sport dominated by men.. Lets pull together and show them how women play.. Willing to train.. we practice on a private field in va beach.

Crazed Velocity is a newly formed team consisting of members of all ages. We play woods/scenario paintball where ever there is a good game. We first became a team back in March. At the time we consisted of active duty military and their spouses. Now we have turned in to a team with both civilians and military on the team. We started with 5 players, now we are at 12 members. Our goal is to be a big 30 man team. We believe that everyone should have the chance to play on a paintball team so we do not turn away anyone because of age,experience, sex, race, religion, height, weight, or jobs. We understand people have lives so we are not as stricked as some teams. We do require a notice at least a week before the event if the player decides that he/she is not able to play. If a player misses 3 or more games that are not reported for good reason, then he/she will be kicked off the team. Crazed Velocity mission is to play as many scenarios as we can and have fun doing it. Each player is responsible for getting their money to the team manager within the first week of the month. If there is something that conflicts with this, we ask that you discuss your situation with the team manager. We have a set uniform so when you join the team there is a one time payment. All scenarios that we attend will be voted on by the group. An e-mail would be sent out for the up coming 2 months to decided on which games we would like to play. All events will be posted up on the team calendar on our website. You can also look on our sub-forum on to get ahold of us as well. Listed below are the requirements of the team and what each player must abide by. There are certain rules that must be followed due to our sponsorship with Evolution Paintball. Meetings will be held at the field and/or through e-mail or instant messenger. We do camp when we travel so it would be smart to bring bug spray, sunscreen, water, food. and shower essentials. Also need something to sleep on.

1. All players must be in uniform or approved apperal for each event.
2.All players must have Uniform, Marker, pod pack (5 pods or more), Compressed Air Tank (Back up guns are recommended)
3. All players must be professional on the field and off the field. Cursing, fighting, and/or trash talking is not allowed.
4. All players must pay dues the first week of each month. If late two times in a row with out a valid excuse player will be removed from roster.
5. Players are responsible for keeping themselves up to date about the events each month.
6. If we travel each player must bring extra cash for food/camping/gas. We do carpool so every little bit helps. We have two tents. So each player just needs blanket/sleeping bag and pillow.

If you are interested in joining our team please contact katherine ( Tryouts are done during a scenario to see if you can keep up with the team as well as how you work with the team.

Team Website:
Team Sub-Forum:
Team Sponsor
Team Managers
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PostSubject: Re: Any Va ladies want to play paintball??   Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:12 pm

Well Im preggo and I have a mouth of a sailor so I'm out. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Any Va ladies want to play paintball??   Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:03 pm

LOL.. awww.. I know you would have been a great player!!
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PostSubject: Re: Any Va ladies want to play paintball??   

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Any Va ladies want to play paintball??
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