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 One Tree Hill, possible spoilers.

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PostSubject: One Tree Hill, possible spoilers.   Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:10 pm

ok... so i watched it.
If it's online i watched it! lol
But i can't believe that the killed Quinton! it's insane! he was such a great kid. You know what! I bet that the guy who killed quinton is the same guy who beat up Brooke!
But then i'm not sure because I could've sworn that Brooke's mother put that guy up to it, because she wanted brooke's designs so she could take over the company! Oh my gosh!
I'm sure no one else watched this, and i don't usually but they kind of hooked me when they left that one episode hanging there with some guy beating up Brooke and then you just heard her scream and it was over. I had to know what happened! Sheesh.

Ok... geekdom is over...till i finish this weeks episode! lol

It's quinton's funeral. now they have to tell this little 5 year old, (not sure how he fits in) that Q is dead... that's gonna be harsh!


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One Tree Hill, possible spoilers.
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