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Navy Sweethearts of the world get together.
Girlfriends, Fiancess, Wives, Family members, Enlisted memebers,
If you have any tie to the navy,
be it emotional, physical whatever.
Come in and let it roll.

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Yay!!! Empty
PostSubject: Yay!!!   Yay!!! Icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2008 8:09 pm

I've got all the stuff. now i just have to make it.

DH is a smoker. But i don't like the smoking inside. so i bought these nifty plant pots, and some sand! i'm going to make fancy outdoor Ash trays! woot.

Plus, i just got some 4 folding chairs and 2 outdoor tables to $50 from i can't wait till they get here. Now we'll have our own little cozy... uhm... smoking section on the porch. lol
I'd rather do without the smoking all together, but i'll compromise.

Just thought i'd share...

Yay!!! Sexier

Yay!!! Event
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